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What a catch!

Type: Broadbill Swordfish Time: During the Day Location: Caught off Tutukaka Weight: 303kg  Depth: 450m Bait Used: Large Squid
Hungry, try this:
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Oh What A Night! – Annual Marina BBQ 2014

This Year’s Annual Marina BBQ went off with a Bang – literally, we had the whole crew from Miami Vice on the scene - making a scene. Pink flamingos, crime scene investigation areas with chalk body outlines, brief cases filled with bulk cash, not to mention the notorious ‘flour cocaine’ bags we held as evidence and an entourage of people dressed in pastels who bore witness to this whole ordeal. We held an auction that night for our chosen charity – the Orakei Marina Scholarship for lower decile children to go on The Spirit of Adventure program. We would like to extend our thanks  to those companies who made this auction possible – Raymarine (Lusty and Blundel), Hutchwilco, Pier 21/Gloss Boats, Orakei Management Limited, Gull, iCom, Events Clothing, Boating NZ, Bryce Taylor Photography and Balmar Marine. Also many thanks to Simon (D06) for letting us take over his berth for the night, Richard Valintine of Bayleys Realty Group for running the auction and Fresh Connection and friends for the copious amount of lovely fresh fruit you provided! Orakei Management, on behalf of the trust, raised a large sum to put towards a further two students to attend the Spirit of Adventure program. So thanks to everyone who participated in the auction, and hopefully you are happy with your purchases – even if these were an impulse alcohol-fuelled buy. Finally, we would like to thank everyone who attended this annual event and hopefully next year we will see a bigger turnout of Berth Owners - and in costume. A special mention must go to Maurice – loved the outfit, not sure if Elvis/The Fonz was in the 80’s era but good on you for dressing up! Question for you all; would you prefer if this event was on a Friday night as opposed to a Thursday? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Are You Insured?

Orakei Management are agents for Club Marine who specialise in pleasure craft insurance. It doesn't matter weather you own a runabout, a cruiser, or a racing yacht, insurance arranged by Club Marine is designed to meet your particular needs. All marinas require that you hold a current insurance policy with many requiring that it holds a minimum of $5 million public liability and this is standard for our clients. For more information Click Here
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We are now agents for iCOM

As one of the few specialists in their field, iCOM have long been recognised for the performance and exceptional quality of their marine radios.  As new agents for their products we can now arrange service, supply and installation on their complete range of VHF/HF radios and accessories.  Contact the marina office for more information…
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Summer BBQ 2014 – Miami Vice

Its nearly that time again, the Marina Summer BBQ will be on Thursday the 13th of March starting at 5pm. As always, we have a theme for the night, this year it will be ‘Miami Vice’ which we should all  be able to have a lot of fun with. Keep an eye out for emails and posters on this event. It is a free event as normal (with BYO alcohol). However, Management will be raising funds for the Marina’s Charity, ‘Spirit of Adventure Scholarships – for low decile students’. So if anyone has a good idea for this or is able to assist, any help is greatly appreciated. Please confirm your attendance to

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Important Notice: Gull & Card Link

Card Link is the company that has been managing the fuel cards for Gull; however that company has recently been sold. In this transition process the new owners have reset the Fuel Card limit without informing Gull or the Marina. Marina Management found this out during the Christmas refueling period where its monthly limits had been lowered. If you have been having any problems with your cards, Gull have requested you contact Card Link Directly 09 574 7712 explaining it is an Orakei Marina Fuel Card and they will correct the limit or problem. Unfortunately it can only be done on an individual basis. Any other queries please contact Mark at the Marina Office.
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Reminder: Pay & Display Machines

As most of you know the Marina has reinstated Pay & Display machines on the seaward side of the cantilevered parking deck. This is in an effort to ensure there is adequate parking for Berth owners, through the rotation of the public using these parking spaces. If you are bringing down more vehicles than car passes, you have parking on the white lines  and do not require car passes or payment. For your guests we suggest you get them to park on the white lines also to avoid parking charges. If you have any questions call Mark Schmack during office hours DDI 09 280 1050 or contact security 021 025 93800.  
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Marinas Join the Fight Against Fanworm

Far North marinas in Whangaroa, Kerikeri and Opua are joining the Northland-wide fight against Mediterranean fanworm. This may affect the ability of touring holiday boaties to find marina accommodation for their boats this summer. It is therefore heavily advised that boats visiting the Far North marinas this summer must provide information about their recent location, the age of their anti-foul and/or recent haul outs. The message for anyone moving a vessel is slip it, clean it & anti-foul its hull. Fresh is best, ideally anti-foul will be less than six months old when the boat arrives in Northland. And, boats with anti-foul older than 12 months will not be able to rent a berth at a marina in Opua, Kerikeri or Whangaroa. Marinas in the Whangarei area have already adopted similar restrictions. If you are planning to travel to Northland in your boat this summer please contact one of the marinas in that area, well in advance, to discuss the conditions around renting a marina berth. The Mediterranean Fanworm (Sabella spallanzanii) is a marine animal typically found in estuaries or sheltered sites, at depths of anywhere between 1 to 30 meters. Internationally recognised as a significant marine pest, it consists of a tough, flexible tube – often muddy in appearance & always anchored to a hard surface – which is topped with a single spiral fan. They grow up to 40cm long & the fans are white, banded with brown & orange, & have an orange central stem. Mediterranean Fanworms are unwanted because they can form dense groups that compete with native species for food & space.
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Ultimate Holding Power – which anchor is best?

Have you ever wondered what is actually happening out of sight on the seabed? Here is a small article courtesy of Yacht Monthly to ease your mind on which is the best anchor to use. Yachting Monthly -Anchor Test PDF
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Catch of the day!

This haul was caught yesterday by Neville Pegg and his son on their power boat from ‘A’ Pier. After a 7am start, they were back in and tied up at Orakei with their bag limit of Snapper by a quarter past nine! As Neville was hauling his burly bomb ready to head home, the king fish in the picture came looking for a meal and as Neville teased it, his son went down below for the speargun. Looks like he is a pretty good shot! If you look closely, you can see the spear right through the fishes head! So… where was he fishing? Well, Neville wasn’t so obliging to tell us, but he did give clues! He says he was no more than 3 miles out and 10 minutes from the entry! So perhaps we don’t need to drive so far to pick up a good catch this time of year?  
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