Are you making the most of this warm sea temp?

Warm Sea Temp
Not only are we experiencing some of the most incredible Spring weather that is accompanying us into Summer, but the sea temp is up too which means the fishing is amazing right now. I'm not sure which came first, the warm weather or the warm sea temp, but I do know the fish are out there begging for a hook!

These photos were taken on a recent boys fishing and Diving trip to Barrier. Mark, Scott, Tom and Jason left right after work on a Friday for two days hunting and gathering on the sea! Fish were caught the whole way across the gulf from Orakei to Barrier with even Jason Snashall landing a decent snapper which shows how good the fishing was!

The first night was spent in the broken islands before an early morning dive for Bugs. We then ventured out to the Mokohinau islands on Saturday where we caught heaps of Trevally and had a great snorkel in one of the many sheltered bays. We were going to stay there overnight but headed back on Saturday evening for another calm night at Barrier in Katherine Bay.

On Sunday morning we had another dive for crays and saw some impressive Packies at the South Eastern end of Barrier. I swear one of those Packhorse Crays I saw was as big as my dog and would have put up a good fight if we had been close enough to reach each other! We headed home Sunday morning and were met with a boil up every half hour and it got so ridiculous we just had to start ignoring all the fish!

It doesn’t matter how long you go to Barrier for, it is never long enough!

By Jason Snashall

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