Marina Information Evening and News Update

Our 2023 Marina Information Evening was a success, with a Kai Ika filleting demo and an informative presentation.

We had a successful Marina Information Evening on Monday, 6th March, an event that we plan to do annually moving forward. Many thanks to those that turned out to support the event!

A big Thank You to Dallas and the Kai Ika team for their fish filleting demonstration! Dave certainly made short work of the Snapper and Kahawai and was highly entertaining.

The presentation by the Orakei Marina Management Team entailed an interesting section about battery types and maintenance which was delivered by the guys at Battery Town Marine. Operations Manager Matt sent out an email with the presentation, including the Marina Shore power connection guide we spoke about. This subject faired a few questions from the audience, particularly about the process of connecting and disconnecting from the pedestal.

There was mention of some of the Marina Maintenance Programmes, and we should have our new Sewer pump up and running by end of April.  The Fuel dock reworks have been completed, but there is a discussion of replacing all the whalers and through-bolts in the not-too-distant future.  The new signage directing Commercial vessels to the western side of the Fuel dock is slowly taking effect.

Just to re-cap the basics on Shore Power connections:
• Sockets must be IP67 rated or higher
• Locking rings must be in place, functional, and screwed on when socket connected
• NO exposed inner cores
• Outer sleeving must be fully inserted into socket housing.
• Power leads need annual testing, although your electrician may suggest shorter test intervals.
• To avoid the residual current risk of electrical shock, ALWAYS trip the RCD found inside the pedestal first, before removing or inserting your socket into the pedestal.

We plan to compile a Welcome pack for new tenants and owners, so they receive a comprehensive guide about the Marina and our facilities.

Reminder: that we have Bait and Ice available at our office. We can also provide a laundry service which a few members use already.  Just drop your laundry bag off at the marina office and it’s normally back the following day.  This is charged by weight.


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