Upcoming and Recent Marina Developments

It’s been a busy start to 2019 with some positive initiatives and motivations for the Marina!
It is important to us as Marina Management to create a safe and progressive environment for all. We hope to make some positive changes in 2019 to achieve these goals and will update you with our progress.
Power Modules

Thank you for your patience during the installation of new power modules across the marina. A and E Piers were completed in September 2017 and we have now fully completed the second stage to B, C & D piers. The most noticeable upgrade to clients on B, C & D is that we now have lighting and fresh water on both sides of the piers as well as additional low amperage sockets for contractors to plug into when working on your vessel at the dock. There was just a handful of hiccups that needed to be sorted out with individual berth owners on some of the piers but, once again, thank you for your patience and we hope you like the upgrades!

Safety Ladders

We will be installing approximately 90 telescopic safety ladders in the marina by mid-2019 to assist in the event of someone falling the water. With the growing need for Health and Safety in the workplace around New Zealand, these telescopic ladders have been installed in most New Zealand marinas already so we are just catching up in this department. The ladders will be stowed in a way that they are out of the water permanently until the ladder needs to be deployed and there will be one ladder per double berth or one between two fingers.

Solar Panels

We are planning to install solar panels on the marina office roof in 2019, in an effort to decrease our carbon footprint. Three quotes have been given to us and the OMMT Board of Trustees have now approved the install, so you will see this installation underway in May.

Initial projections show us paying the cost of the panel installation off in around four years and then the savings will be realised by the marina directly, keeping your annual fees among some of the lowest in the country well into the future.

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