Invasive Seaweeds found at Great Barrier

invasive seaweed
Check for Caulerpa to avoid spreading

Exotic seaweeds Caulerpa brachypus and Caulerpa parvifolia have been found in waters at Aotea Great Barrier Island and Ahuahu Great Mercury Island. These exotic seaweeds can spread rapidly and could affect native species.

The invasive seaweed Caulerpa has been washed up in large quantities in Okupu Blind Bay on Aotea Great Barrier Island. Okupu Blind Bay is one of the known infected areas, so finding it here was expected.

Experts say it’s unlikely exotic Caulerpa has spread during the cyclone – but if you notice any weed cast outside of the known infected areas at Great Barrier and Great Mercury Islands, please take a moment to check in case it’s Caulerpa.

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