An update on our Piling Project

piling update hero

We are now mid-section on D pier but the high winds over the last few days has stalled progress.

Another battle is finding the space and keeping the momentum going, however the storage barge has to be loaded with the next batch and that turnaround eats into another day.

It’s not just a case of placing the piles randomly, there is a plan, and this is determined by the preloading of piles in sequence.  The loading plan reduces errors and cuts down time.

Berth availability

As we move into the next month of works, we would very much appreciate if there were any berth owners able to make their berths available for future movements – space is a premium so if anyone can help by loaning your berth even if its only for a week, that would be very helpful.

We also urge berth owners to be available or have a skipper in place to move vessels as required.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to help out, please get in touch with Matt Bourne at

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