Power Terms and Conditions

I hereby request permission to have an unattended power connection from the marina power to my vessel. Please ensure that the following basic conditions are met to ensure compliance with the Electrical Regulations, 1997 and Marina Bylaws.

  • The supply lead must be one of continuous length (not exceeding 20m).
  • The lead shall be appropriately rated for the demand put on it by the appliance
  • The lead shall be heavy duty rubber sheathed with all conductors integral within sheathing.

Cables are to be laid in such a manner that they are prevented from being:

  • Damage due to friction
  • A tripping hazard to people accessing the pier

The supply lead shall be arranged:

  • Minimise the possibility of accidental disconnection (the cable shall be restrained from both ends)
  • To allow normal movement of the vessel without stress on the power lead
  • Prevent water from flowing along the lead to the appliance inlet
  • Ensure lead and appliance cannot fall into the water

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