New Outboard Flush Units

Now available at the marina

Matt has set up two Outboard Flush Units for use in the marina. One is by the office on D pier and one is by the workshop on A pier.

Outboard Flush Units User Guide

•    Set up the unit by your pedestal.
•    Connect the water hose to the lower fitting in the front. (This is supplied inside the unit, remove this.)
•    Fill the unit first up to the 3 weep holes and turn off the water.
•    Do NOT fit outboard until you have reached the water level.
•    Fit outboard to the front panel with the prop inside the container, and securely tighten.
•    Start outboard and allow to run. Then you can turn the water back on.
•    Leave on Idle, do not rev the outboard.
•    When completed. Turn off the water and remove the outboard.
•    Remove the lower tap connection and allow the unit to drain out.
•    Remove any remaining water and return the unit complete with water hose connections.
•    If you only need to use the muffs, please see the marina office to sign these out.
•    If in doubt, see the marina team.

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