Orakei Marina offers a comprehensive range of facilities.


Five days a week: Monday to Friday 08:30 to 17:00


Gate Tags: Electronic gate tags are issued from the Marina Office. There is a charge of $20.00 per tag and we require credit card details for security if tags are lost or not returned at the conclusion of the lease. Marina Management reserves the right to charge credit cards $100 penalty per security tag. For short term leases (1 to 7 day stays) one tag will be issued. Security tags give access to pier gates, showers, toilets and laundry. Power: All vessels wishing to plug into power need a current NZ Electrical Warrant of Fitness (this to be sighted by marina staff). For vessels 18m and above the power is metered at 27c per kwh. For long term clients readings are taken each month and then invoiced out quarterly. For short term stays the reading will be taken at the conclusion of the lease and must be paid prior to departing the Marina. Fuel: 24 hour Gull floating fuel dock located inside the western rock breakwater at the Marina entrance, which consists of 3 diesel pumps with booms and a 4th pump with a 30m hose reel. Gull Marine diesel is widely recognized as the highest quality marine diesel. Large bulk deliveries (15,000 litres minimum) and GST exempt deliveries can be arranged upon request from the Marina Office. Lines: Mooring lines are the responsibility of the boat owner - lines are normally provided with the berth and therefore belong to the berth owner. Please do not alter these lines: use your own instead. Water: Water is drinkable, to avoid tainted water please use your own hoses and not the fire hoses for drinking. Please remember to turn off the water valves, and hoses. Trolleys: There are 20 trolleys available throughout the Marina. Please be considerate of others and return the trolleys to the entrance of the pier after use. Car parking: Berth owners are entitled to two or more car passes which must be displayed at all times when vehicles are parked in the front row along the car park deck. If the pass is not displayed or vehicles are not showing a valid pay and display ticket, vehicles will be towed. All visitors must remember to park on the second row back or use the Pay and Display machines. Showers and toilets: Available at the Marina Office for berth owners and visitors to the marina. Laundry: Washing machines: take 2 x $2.00 coins per load. Dryers: take 2 x $2.00 coins per load. Change IS available from Marina Office. Rubbish: Rubbish and recycle bins are located at the entrance to all pier gates. Please remember to break cardboard boxes down before leaving them in the bins. Waste Oil: A container found in the boat yard area at the landing is available. For more information ask the Marina Office. Please note oil must be uncontaminated (no diesel please). Sewage: Pump out facilities located on the floating fuel dock - free of charge. The Marina is a NO discharge area - please use your holding tanks and onshore facilities.


Insurance: All vessels staying in the Marina are required to have third party insurance (minimum of $5 million required). Please supply a copy of your current insurance details (for information on insurance - contact the Marina Office). Live aboards: Orakei Marina is NOT a live-aboard marina. You may stay aboard your vessel for 48 hours consecutively, for longer periods you must check with the Marina Manager. Health and Safety: No welding, grinding, sand/water blasting or spray painting is allowed within the Marina. When employing a contractor to work on your vessel it is the boat owner's responsibility to ensure that they are dealing with a certified tradesman and that the boat and contractor are insured. Contractors: All contractors are required to report to the Marina Office to sign in and get a temporary key.